May 20, 2016






WBENC_LR_CertificateCertificate Number-252355 – On an annual basis Select Logistics Network, Inc.
recertifies with WBENC. WBENC enforces strict guidelines which must be met before certification is issued. WBENC requires a detailed notarized affidavit, on site visits, financial information, documentation of ownership, business license, and client interviews

SmartWay transportation programs result in significant, measurable air quality and/or greenhouse gas improvements while maintaining or improving current levels of other emissions and/or pollutants. EPA believes the quality of the environment is everyone’s responsibility; therefore, SmartWay is postioned as a personal choice that can make a difference for the environment. Find out what you can do to save fuel, money, and the environment with SmartWay.

IDHR provides Select Logistics Network, Inc. eligibility for public contracts.