April 19, 2016


For Carriers

Welcome to the Select Logistics Network Inc. team. As a member of our team, carriers will be treated fairly, honestly and with great respect.

Select Logistics Network Inc. has high expectations of performance for our carriers and, for us. To assure that these high expectations of performance are met, each carrier must complete and, submit the following information to our office.

  • Carrier / Broker Contract Form
  • Carrier’s Operating Authority-Please send all types of operating authority you may have (Common, Contract, and/or Broker). IF you send in a Re-Entitlement, please be sure to also send in the original copy of the operating authority, as this will provide the information as to which type of authority you operate under (Common, Contract, and/or Broker).
  • Insurance Request Form – Auto Liability, General Liability, and Cargo Insurance. You will need to notify your insurance company to forward copies of each type of insurance to Select Logistics Network Inc. with Select Logistics Network Inc. listed as Certificate Holder. We do NOT want to be listed as Additional Insured.
  • W-9 Form (IRS) – Completed, signed, and dated.
  • Carrier Profile – Completed in its entirety, therefore enabling Select Logistics Network Inc. to utilize your company in the most effective manner possible. This form enables us to know what types of equipment you have and the routes you prefer to travel therefore, we will know what loads to call you with.
  • Carrier Performance and History – It will be required for each carrier to enter six references below. You may use shipper or broker references, or both. You MUST however, include at least four broker references, and for each broker have hauled at least 3 loads for each.
  • Accessorial Approval & Billing Policy Form (ACAP Policy)
  • Carrier Rate Confirmation – Carrier will be faxed a Rate Confirmation on each and every transaction which must be signed and returned by fax before any invoice will be processed for payment.
  • Expedited Pay is available upon request. An Expedited Payment Plan Form must be signed in order to access this option. Payment Plan can be modified to meet your needs from one load to the next load. If you elect to utilize one of the Expedited Payment Plans on one of our loads, once the option is entered into our system, it will not be reversed for that load.

To become a carrier with our team click on the link to the print the forms needed to complete your carrier packet or, call our office and we can fax each form to you. Please note that we do not condone nor tolerate double-brokering of our freight. We consider double-brokering an un-acceptable practice. We look forward to building a long lasting and, mutually beneficial relationship with carriers that believe in good performance, communication, and honesty. If you have these values, please come join our team.